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Welcome to all psychics!

The Psychic-Union was founded by a group of leading internationally known professional psychics. The recent surge of interest in psychics and their services has provided many opportunities for people with true psychic powers.

But, there has also been an incredible increase in the number of people who falsely claim to be psychics.

Beware false psychics!

The next time you go to see a psychic be sure to ask to see his or her Psychic-Union card.

Most legitimate psychics have gone through our rigorous testing procedure. If you encounter a psychic who is not a member of the Psychic-Union you should be cautious of the reading you receive from that person.

Many unscrupulous people will jump at the chance to take your money and give you a bogus reading.

Do not let them!

Ask to see their Psychic-Union card!

Only members of the Psychic-Union are fully qualified to give legitimate psychic readings, whether they use palms, crystals, or tarot cards.

$1,000,000 Contest!

Are you a psychic? Do you possess psychic abilities?

We are currently running a contest that is open to psychics and all others who possess paranormal abilities.

If you have a paranormal ability that is testable, repeatable, and verifiable you could qualify for a chance to win the grand prize of One Million Dollars!

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Why create a Psychic Union?

To help combat the increasingly large numbers of unqualified psychics we decided that a psychic certification system needed to be created.

This system became the Psychic-Union.

We have developed a licensing code that all qualified psychics have agreed to adhere to in order to protect the good names of all hard working psychics.